Infaröd bastu

Skepparholmen Nacka installs Infrared Sauna

The spa and meeting hotel Skepparholmen Nacka continues to develop. The latest in the line of novelties on this trip is an Infrared sauna – one of Sweden's largest in its class.


A spa should stimulate all the senses through physical activity, spa treatments, good food and rest. Just like with a traditional sauna, there are many health benefits with an Infrared sauna. The core temperature in the body is raised, whereupon the blood circulation increases. This provides new oxygen to the muscles and is especially effective after a workout to allow the muscles to recover. Infrared saunas can also have a positive effect on the immune system and can also lower high blood pressure.

"Skepparholmen's spa is inspired by nature and the seasons. Here our guests can relax and let themselves be captivated by the view of the Salt Lake. With our new infrared sauna, we enhance the experience even further." says Skepparholmen's CEO Marcus Press.

"We are extremely grateful for all new and former private and meeting guests, as well as partners who came to us after the pandemic. In terms of turnover, 2022 is our best year ever," adds Marcus Press.

Skepparholmen Nacka is an established destination for meetings & events and is also a popular destination for spa experiences. The beautiful setting is also appreciated at weddings and special events. Skepparholmen is beautifully located in Saltsjö-Boo and offers guests a scenic and beneficial environment in a sustainable Scandinavian spirit.

"Infrared saunas have become an increasingly important health trend and will become an appreciated novelty. The heat is lower than in a traditional sauna and stays at 45 degrees. The light penetrates the skin directly and heats the body from the inside, unlike a traditional sauna which heats the surrounding air and then the body," says Skepparholmen's Spa Manager Jenny Strömberg.